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‘Saul waited there seven days. But Samuel had not yet come to Gilgal ..(I Sam.13:8). 

You cannot give a toddler an ice cream and ask her to wait before she can lick it. To ask generation Z to wait before exploring a new phone gadget will be an exercise in futility because it will cause a lot of anxiety and curiosity. The message of patience is fading out in human activities and those who practice it are regarded as too slow. 

There’s time for everything under heaven (Eccl. 3:1); but if you want it now, you may end up having a half-baked product or get your fingers burnt. Waiting can be very hard especially when your mates are having it fast and worse still when they’re unbelievers. What do you say about that unbelieving couple with flourishing life with the wife giving birth almost every year, but for a devoted Christian couple struggling to put food on the table and still waiting for the fruit of the womb? 

In the case of King Saul in I Samuel 13, he was asked to wait for Prophet Samuel for seven days to perform the sacred sacrifice before going to fight the Philistines. As he was waiting, the number of his dedicated special armed forces was depleting daily and early on the seventh day; fearful and overwhelmed, he offered a strange sacrifice. Note that he waited for complete six days but lost it on the last day. He started the last day well, but few hours before the end of the day, he lost his patience and capacity to wait. The result was a total loss of the kingdom. 

Hmmn, waiting is hard. Many have been through it or are even in it now. At such season of life the only solace is the Holy Spirit. While waiting, you need to also occupy yourself with meaningful and productive ventures that will add value to your life. In case you took alternative option but now you’ve realised your mistake, you can return to God who is plenteous in mercy; you may however bear the pains of the previous mistake (Heb. 12:11). 

To every faithful one waiting on the Lord for a miracle, the grace to wait for your appointed time will be released unto you in Jesus name (Job 14:14). Stay away from doubters, but associate yourself with faith-lifters. 

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