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‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities ..(Eph 6:12). 

It is a known fact that life is a war and partnering with the Almighty God is the sole way to be a winner in this war. The fact that you’re a pauper doesn’t exonerate you from this battle because your enemy does not want you to stumble on any opportunity that will make you to escape from that state. Solomon’s destiny of becoming a king was keenly contested by Adonijah (I King1:5-19) even though they were from the same father. From cradle to grave, these forces are in operation. 

As a child, they appear in form of:

-infant mortality deaths and diseases.


-activities of ‘third eye’ creatures either to slow down or permanently truncate the rising of the glory of the child. 

In young adult and youth, these forces show up in form of:

-heavy impact of negative peer pressures.

-environmental limitation and restriction.

-poverty and challenging family background.

-lack of opportunities in form of good mentors. 

As an adult, they appear in form of:

-wrong choice of course in life.

-breakdown in marriage and other relationships.

-difficulty to unlearn, learn and relearn new and evolving things.

-negative inherited forces. 

In ministry they come in form of:

-self inflicted ministry ignorance.

-impatience because of eagerness to launch out.

-not waiting on the Lord enough to understand the specificity of the call.

-activities of powers of darkness that bring about frustration.

-ignorance of the mission field which can be as a result of some other factors. 

Wherever we find ourselves in any of the aforementioned, victory is only assured when we form alliance with the Lord Jesus, who disarmed principalities and powers and triumphed over them all (Col 2:15). 

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