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‘And as ye go, preach….heal the sick cleanse the lepers…freely ye have received…(Matt 10:7-8). 

A curriculum is a strategy, a framework or plan of what has been conceptualised and ready to bring into reality with the collaboration of the stakeholders. This terminology is frequently used by players in the academic world because it guides them to what’s expected from the sides of the tutors and students in order to achieve their end goals. When the head of the Church (Jesus Christ) was nearing His earthly ministry, he laid down specific instructions for the disciples as thus: go, teach, heal, cast out and give freely. 

The Master’s instruction is very simple and easy to understand, but we have made it very complex nowadays. Matthew 28:19 emphasised the relevance of the action word ‘go’. When we go into the world, the whole heaven will back us up and miracles will follow. There’s need to have a sound understanding of the message while going; hence He said teach all nations what you’ve heard me taught you inclusive of my second coming. Pre-emptively also, He gave them power (Holy Ghost orchestrated one) to disgrace demons and displace malevolent spirits. He warned them to beware of covetousness and pride and to eschew monetisation of God’s gift. 

If we are to sincerely X-ray the avalanche of Christian activities going on now, can we say they are human devices or ‘in the curriculum’? There’s no more going into the world rather we are all building cathedrals and cosy temples. Our pulpits are filled with empty and worldly jargons and preachers are teaching what men what to hear (II Tim. 4:3). 

It’s unfortunate that we no longer see miracles, wonders and signs in our own time as of old and as a result, unbelievers prefer to consult alternative medium for solution to their precarious cases. These days, miracles are for sale and the gospel is for the highest bidders. It’s time to ask ourselves whether all these practices are part of the ‘curriculum’ or just fashioned craftily by people at the altar? 

God is sending this message to us to weigh our works, whether we are still consistent or deviated from the original manuscript. If you stay with His manual, He will make you great by His own definition. You don’t need to go about it fraudulently thereby leading innocent souls to hell (Isaiah 40:31). 

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