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‘I beseech thee, O Lord, remember now how I have…….’(II Kings 20:3). 

To remember is to bring an awareness of past deed in order to influence decision making on a current event. Principally, two parties are involved in this scenario: man and the Lord, a helpless individual seeking help from the Almighty God. 

When a man has reached his dead end, the only available escape route is to call on the God of many ways (Psalm 5:15). When your account is full of credit, you can confidently make withdrawals but when the reversal is the case, then you’re at the mercy of the lender. 

Joseph while in prison pitched his cause before Pharaoh’s butler shortly before he was reinstated but the butler forgot him until God orchestrated Joseph’s release. Samson made similar cry to the Lord while in the temple of Dagon (the god of the Philistines), and God heard him out of His mercies (Judges 16:28). 

What do you have in credit with God to warrant a call for help to Him in your day of dire need? I want you to remember that every man has a day of ‘dire need’; a day where earthly helps will be insufficient or fail; a day where even if man’s help is there, it will be irrelevant to calm the storm and expunge the invisible attacks. 

King Hezekiah recounted all his good deeds before God while seeking for help to defeat his enemies. God opened the book of remembrance for him and he and his kingdom escaped destruction. Suffice to state here that a man with good credit rating is more likely to get his application approved quickly than one with poor rating. 

God remembers good deeds of the past done on His behalf and most often extends mercy to such people (Matthew 25:35-36). He will remember those secret investments into His kingdom and reward you openly one day. Our God never forgets bad deeds but recompenses accordingly and timely. 

Because there’s time lag between when a deed is done and season of recompense, human beings tend to think God is too slow to act or wicked to repay instantly but his patience is for sinners to repent (II Peter 3:9). 

Conclusively, get involve in things of eternal value with the aim of eternal rewards and stop living for yourself alone. 

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