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‘The locusts have no king, yet go they forth all of them by bands’ (Prov. 30: 27). 

Whatever I write about locust is well known by many. However for emphasis sake and awareness as far as spiritual sensitivity is concerned, spare some time to refresh your understanding by reading through. 

-Locusts are herbivorous insects that cause enormous destruction to agricultural produce.

(Lesson: Agricultural produce are supposed to feed and enhance livelihood, but here comes a destroyer of anything flourishing and greenish. They attack in droves, blackens the sky and will not go until there is nothing greenish left. What is that thing that represents locust in your life and fits into the description highlighted above?) 

-They move in band and don’t quit until their aim is achieved.

(Lesson: Matthew 18:19 reveals the power of unity. Even nature teaches that a standalone tree is easily susceptible to strong wind compared to those in the forest. Also, locust don’t quit, rather they seek for every available space to penetrate and achieve their aim; therefore don’t quit now that you’re so close to your miracle.) 

-Do you realise that this insect uses the power of wind to move? Locust move in the direction of the wind.

(Lesson: Christians must totally depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit especially this end time. We must be sensitive of His move because He sees, knows and hears what you may be oblivious of. If you move in God’s direction, success in all areas will be assured; and you cannot afford to go against your Maker anyway otherwise, your efforts will end in fruitlessness.) 

-Another lesson to learn from locust is the fact that it is light weighted but can bring down massive agricultural investment. Therefore do not belittle your God-given ability to achieve what no one in your family has ever achieved. If the dream is from God, it is an achievable one. 

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