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‘Hyraxes – they aren’t powerful, but make their homes among the rocks (Prov. 30: 26). 

Hyraxes are conies or rock badgers. They are small, herbivorous mammals and mostly found living on the rocks. His habitat represents his greatest strength. Therefore what is the message from Conies? Reposition! Reposition! Reposition! Not in dubious ways but by: 

-Realising who you are in Jesus Christ. I Peter 2:9 says: But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people….’

When you made contact with the Saviour, your status became changed and you immediately assumed the image of God, redeemed by His blood and a family member of His kingdom with rights and privileges that go with it. Knowing that allows you to operate from a place of strength and not weakness, faith and not fear. You will automatically be engraced with the power to pray more, believe God for more and ultimately be entitled to enjoy God more at grandeur level. 

-Recognising that your limitations cannot limit God. He doesn’t use those who claim to be ‘sufficient’, but the feeble ones. He does so by putting them in positions of strength. He achieves it sometimes by putting extra support around them. For example, when you have a bad leg, you don’t put braces on your good one, but on the bad one. If God has to, He will put braces on you and take you to the level of stardom ahead of the people who sit around complacent, complaining and rocking in the seat of entitlement. The rock badger lives where protection from predators is certain; if you consider yourself vulnerable, run to God. 

Weak people praise God differently. While others praise Him because they have a feeling of entitlement, but not conies; they remember where they were when God found them and what He brought them through, and they say, ‘if it had not been the Lord who was on our side…’ (Psalm 124:1). Who and where is your hiding place and source of your strength? 

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