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‘….make haste, and take the apparel and the horse.. and do….. (Esther 6:10). 

The story of Joseph’s emergence in the political terrain of Egypt was orchestrated by heaven. At the appropriate time, the Lord gave King Pharaoh two dreams that none of his magicians and astrologers could interpret except a forgotten prisoner (Gen. 41:8).

(Reflection: When it’s your turn according to heaven’s timetable, your promoters will prefer you above others, you will be the solution to protracted and unresolved issues, and no one will be able to rest until you appear in the scene. You shall be the ‘sought after’ one). 

Even though Joseph had two separate dreams of promotion at the age of seventeen, he didn’t achieve his ultimate destiny until he was thirty years of age. I perceive that if God had shown him the ‘in between’ hardships, the young man would have opted out and use his hands to kill the manifestation.

(Reflection: Our God is the One that knows the end from the beginning and can decide to keep one in the dark of any stage of life. If He has said it, He will do it in spite of the current storms of life. I Sam 2:8). 

His ascension to the throne in Egyptian occurred urgently and in a single day. He enjoyed an extreme make up because he was to appear before the most powerful king of his time; so he received manicured hair-cut, prison apparel changed to a royal one, he smelled good with the use of the best fragrance in the land and was given a sandal (a symbol of distinction) to wear and finally chauffeur driven to the palace. His personal rating skyrocketed immediately and all gatekeepers bowed their heads for him.

(Reflection: When your day of glory arrives, everyone will beg you to allow them to serve you.) 

Suddenly the forgotten prisoner and day dreamer, in a single day became a celebrity in Egypt after the interpretation of the King’s dream and proclamation of his promotion. Permit me to suggest to you that Mr. Portiphar was in the palace on the day of Joseph’s coronation. Psalm 126:1-6 became Joseph’s unending song.

(Reflection: Keep holding onto that beautiful dream, because if it is from the Lord, it will surely materialise. Delay is not denial)


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