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‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous…. (Joshua 1:9). 

Wondering whether you’ve ever heard the statement: ‘no further instruction’ in your relationship with others before? This phrase may come from the position of anger because the earlier ones are yet to be complied with and presumably former ones are pre-requisite for others. 

When relating with the Almighty God, every divine instruction represents a process to the place of destiny. Failure to complying with one will lead to silence from God. You will notice this many times in relationship between Israel and the Almighty God that whenever God gives an instruction and Israel fails to comply, heaven will be closed and there shall be no vision or dream for divine direction again. 

When a child failed to carry out his parent’s good instruction and tries to ask for new ones, he may most likely receive a cold reception or reluctance to such a request. Such is the case with few Christians who treat God ignobly by ignoring His initial instruction(s) and thereafter spending hours in the place of prayers and fasting for God to change His mind and release more grace into their lives. Many are asking for more spiritual power, but the question heaven is asking is: ‘show us the dividends of the initial one’ given to you. 

The Lord places high premium on prompt and complete obedience, and unfortunately there’s no substitute or sacrifice for it (I Sam. 15:22). Couple of Bible characters that had ‘no further instruction’ experience are Joshua, Moses and King Saul. Joshua needed to activate the spirit of courage to move forward before Jericho was defeated. Moses crossed the Red Sea before he received another instruction from Yahweh and King Saul stopped receiving further instruction from God from the moment he disobeyed Him. 

Can you still remember the initial instruction you received from God on that issue and whether it was acted upon? Could it be that the reason why it seems heaven is like a brass is because you’ve neglected or abandoned the first instruction? It’ll interest you that He’s still waiting for you at that spot! A life transforming encounter like that of Jacob at Bethel is available at that initial spot. Beloved, WHY NOT GO BACK TO BETHEL and renew the covenant with the Lord? Your name can also be changed from Jacob to Israel, from Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah. 

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