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‘But ye are a chosen generation…that ye should shew forth….” (I Peter 2:9). 

To stand out is to distinguish oneself or something out of multitude of others or to be very noticeable. It can be a unique sample that does not follow a common trend. Most often, researchers take more interest in such a sample than the rest and investigate reasons behind the unique trait/feature. In our world of conformity to all manner of ideologies where many of them can be grouped as detestable to one’s spiritual growth, it’ll take someone with the following traits to stand out for God: 

-Knowledge of the true God: Daniel 11:32 paraphrased said: ‘only those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.’ You need to have an undisputed encounter with God and be walking daily with Him. This experience will boost your faith in Him which will assist you to rebuff contrary opinions outside God’s counsel.

-Absolute hatred for unrighteousness. A life of compromise will compromise your identity and everything you stand for. Make ICor.15:33 your benchmark and carefully choose your allies as they will go a long way to determine whether you will stand or fall at your defining moments in life.

-Avoid a mentality of ‘get rich at all cost’. It is also called insatiable appetite for wealth. God wants His children to be wealthy but not at all cost (James 1:5). Run away from any scheme engagement or financial arrangement that will compromise your faith. Believe me honestly, the richer you get, the greater your headache; but if you are satisfied with the little, happy are you. Therefore, pray to God for the grace to restrain yourself from covetousness because many have been trapped by this evil spirit especially in this dispensation.

-When you remember that you have the host of heaven watching how you’re fighting, you can’t afford to follow the mixed multitudes that have lost their bearings. The triumphant saints like Deacon Stephen, Apostle Paul, Father Nash, Billy Graham, Deborah and our Lord Jesus Christ are comparing notes and checking how the earthly militant Christians are running their race. We therefore have no excuse but to stand out for God.

-It takes more than determination to stand out for God. Beloved we need the partnership of the Holy Spirit and His working wonders to be demonstrated in our lives. In a world of ‘dog eat dog’; an environment where unrighteousness is celebrated and holy living is detested, you need naked demonstration and influence of the Holy Spirit in your daily activities. 

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