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‘For wealth certainly makes itself wings…….” (Proverbs 23:5). 

It’s been said that: ‘opportunity is like a bird flying over the head of a man’. What you make out of that moment matters a lot. Opportunity in this context embraces all manner of good times and chances that come our ways in life. They come rarely and swiftly, hence the need to identify such moment, capitalise on it and make good success out of it. 

Whilst not disregarding the challenging nature of upbringing of many individuals, while majority suddenly resolve to fate and thereby blinded to multiple ways of getting out of such unfortunate condition; but there are plethora of wonderful turnaround stories from such group also. The story of Jabez in the Bible is a good reference one (I Chronicles 4:10) for such group. Opportunities remain few in life and quantum number of people chases them, therefore they are not always available for too long. 

If you’re blessed with uncommon wisdom and ideas as a child of God, endeavour to explore it to the fullest with God as your senior partner because it won’t take long before new ones will be made available to others. If God directs wealth to your path in life, you’ll be wise to use it wisely by showing compassion to the needy, generous in its usage and use it for good purpose because you will soon discover that wealth develops wings and do fly away (Prov 23:5). 

Today’s champion will soon have her championship record broken; many great and famous captains of industries of old are no longer remembered except those who immortalised themselves by their divine deeds. Where are the then so called ‘latest costume designs, exotic cars and architectural designs’? Many of them are now derelicts and have become headaches as to what to do with them. 

Man of God, this is your time and season to make Jesus Christ known to the dying world (Esther 4: 13-14). Your current commanding position, access to funds and other paraphernalia of the position are transient. Make godly use of them now because the truth is, you will not be there forever. Let the rich people of this world also be reminded that they are stewards of God’s resources, therefore should live a life of good stewards who will not be ashamed on the day of reckoning.

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