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“And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel…….” (Genesis 32:30). 

Jacob was a supplanter, a cheat and fraudulent individual even though he needed not to pick up these traits because God divinely planned that he shall rule over his brother even before they were conceived (Gen. 25:23). When human manipulation is allowed to mix with divine permutation, such life becomes adulterated, the journey of 40 days will turn to 40 years and except MERCY speaks, fulfilment of destiny will be a mirage. 

In Gen. 31: 3, God commanded Jacob to return to his father’s land with all his family members but he must settle the unresolved conflict with Esau who lived in Seir before getting to Canaan. Having reached his ‘dead end’, he resolved to turn to God and was left alone in the place of prayer (Gen 32:24). There’s a place of ‘alone with God’ where issues are resolved and heaven take over the battle of life. No friend, spouse or accomplice is needed in that realm; because it’s too narrow, too tight and can be full of tears and pains. 

In that realm, you will have to wrestle with angelic beings just like Jacob did (vs. 24); you will have to negotiate and provide evidences and proofs and a times make a vow to God just like Hannah (I Samuel 1:11). Jacob refused to miss what turned out to be once a lifetime encounter with God until there was an assurance of a change (Vs. 26) and that night, God performed a spiritual name change on him. His name was changed from Jacob to Israel and when he woke up, he had authority to conduct a physical name change of the place of his encounter to Peniel, which means ‘I have come face to face with God – Gen 32:30’. Confident that if he could face God and live, he need not fear man again, and his subsequent encounter with Esau proved the result of his experience with God because his brother ran and fell into his arms weeping. 

Everyone needs a Peniel experience before Canaan settlement. This experience cannot be wished away if you want to navigate your world smoothly. It cannot be paid for by contracting it out, but must be done by you. You will need to establish a relationship with God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; you will need to commit to quality time in the place of prayer where you will accept no for an answer. When you come out of such an experience, your heaven is opened, and then you can match to your place of fulfilment in life. 

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