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“….Worse yet, we saw descendants of the giant Anak..”. (Numbers 13:28 Msg). 

Whichever way you define it, giant represents opposition, obstacles, unfriendly attacks and barriers to victory. Permit me to quickly state that not all giants are from the devil, because the Lord Himself can sometimes raise barriers in a man’s way if he’s navigating on a wrong route (Num. 22: 24-27). Carelessness or human factor can also represent giant. 

The Anakims, Amalekites, Hittites, Jebusites and Amorites who were the original owners of the land of Canaan stood as giants in the way of the Israelites. Goliath was the giant (among others) in the life of David because he stood as a major obstacle to the realisation of his dream. Joseph was not excluded from encountering giants on his way to the top either; he encountered internal and external potential destiny killers. 

Every individual with a bright future must face giants. Even Jesus Christ our Saviour did not escape this truism as even one of his disciples surrendered himself to be used by the devil. Right from cradle to the grave, a man of destiny will encounter all manner of giants but with God on his side, they shall be used as raw materials to getting to his ‘throne’. 

God can orchestrate a giant’s encounter in a man’s life if he’s doing or attempting to do anything contrary to His will (Acts 9:9; 13:8-11). It is expected that you identify the shadow at the bottom of your candle light and have a trust worthy accountability partner who will regularly point you to it in order to keep you in check. 

It is extremely crucial to identify the giants early and divinely strategise on how to handle them. This can be in form of making God your Counsellor; a personal and intentional decision may be needed at a stage (Gen. 39:9) and the indispensability of the Holy Spirit in guiding your way of life should not be ignored. 

It is instructive to encourage the saints that they should not be intimidated by ‘giants’; rather see your victory beyond them. Israel possessed Canaan despite the giants; you are therefore on your way to the top of your heavenly mandate. 

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