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“……..and have dominion over the fish of the sea… (Genesis 1:28). 

A covenant is an agreement between two or more parties and could either be a verbal or written one. Most often, the fulfilment of such an agreement is very important for it to be honoured. A covenant is not a promise, but an order that must be executed or implemented, hence the need to enforce it. 

The word dominate comes from dominion and it is to have authority or be in charge or control of something. Covenant of dominion was the first God entered into with man immediately after He made him (Gen. 1: 26-28). 

A careful study of Genesis 1:26-28 reveals the sphere of man’s domain which includes gift and earth resources. No wonder that even with the fallen nature of man, the first instinct of a lion (for example) when he sees a man is to run away. 

It is possible to be in a covenant of dominion and be ignorant of the associated benefits; hence the essence of this brief message – how to enforce your covenant of dominion. 

First, you must ascertain that you are a party to this covenant. Does God (the principal covenant partner) know you? – (John 10:27-28). If not, you’re automatically disqualified. However, that position can be reversed if you can invite Him into your heart (John 1:12). 

Make sure that you have a proper understanding of the principles of dominion so as to avoid its misuse (John 15: 1-5, 16; John 8:32). 

Enter into the covenant to receive the power (Acts 1:8). 

Call up, or lay demand on the enforcement of the covenant when it’s required having met all necessary conditions (Deut. 28: 1-8). 

A life of holiness is a non-negotiable factor for an individual who is keen in entering into this covenant as this guarantee your lifestyle of dominion. 

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