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“……..his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly (Mark 8: 25). 

Physical sights play very important role in a man’s life; but more importantly is the inner sight. The man in the story in Mark 8: 22 – 26 was led by His friends to the Healer (Jesus Christ) for the restoration of his sight and the Master had mercy on him.

(Lesson: Who are your friends and what is the motive behind the friendship?) 

The man required a second touch from Jesus before he could see clearly. A first touch may not be sufficient for ‘that’ assignment. Unfortunately many spiritual ventures were established based on the ‘first touch’. Little wonder they dry up after few seasons! Brother, don’t rush out to start that work based on glimpses; be patient for God to complete the procedure on you. Have you ever seen a sick patient on the operation table in the theatre room rushing out without the completion of the procedure? 

The man was not in doubt of his clear vision after the second touch from Jesus Christ; rather the Bible said: ‘his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly’. He did not only see, but saw clearly. There was no aberration, no guess work, and no gimmick. He did not only see some things, but everything. 

When you see now, you start to feel sorry for years of ‘blindness’ and many foolish decisions made in the past. When you see now, you will avoid pitfalls, mistakes and errors. In your new found life, you will be guided in the choice of friends, where you go and decisions to make. As a matter of fact, you become yourself and stop being a ‘photocopy’. 

Apostle Paul received this touch and thereafter, the trajectory of his ministry went up. Peter and the rest Apostles were not immune to this touch as they spoke of the amazing effect of it by their ACTS (Acts 4:33). 

Jesus is the ultimate healer and wants to restore your sight fully. Let Him complete His work on you so as to avoid seeing ‘people like trees walking around’ and falling into ditches of life. 

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