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“For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy… (I John 3:8). 

A major assignment in your life that cannot be delegated to anyone else is identifying God’s purpose for your life. This is an assignment that is so urgent and cannot be delayed, postponed or wished away. Jesus knew the purpose of His short tenure on earth, keyed into it and fully accomplished it. Three and a half years of dedicated pursuit and fulfilment of His earthly purpose is still yielding eternal fruit up till today. 

A lost purpose is not only a loss to the recipient but many stakeholders tied to the fulfilment of that purpose. God does nothing arbitrarily. In everything He does, He’s known for clear cut purposes. He knows where He is heading before He sets out on any course (Acts 15:18). 

Not seeking God’s purpose and self-reliance are traits that hinder man from achieving the glorious purpose for which God created him. This wasn’t the case with Joseph. Even though he was maltreated by his brother, found his way to Portiphar’s house as a chief slave with a dangled carrot and a juicy offer by the madam of the house (Gen 38:8-9), but he knew that his future is brighter than those temporary stuffs. When he achieved it in Genesis 50:19-20, there was no ambiguity in his declaration. 

If you’re not required for an eternal purpose in 2023, you’ll not be alive today. Everyone in the world came for a purpose (Jer. 1:4-5). Therefore, there is a purpose attached to your life and the onus lies with you to discover it from the designer of your life, who is Jesus Christ. The entire world is waiting for your manifestation and I challenge you not to leave this world without fulfilling your purpose.

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