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“But he shall receive an hundredfold….and in the world to come eternal life. (Mk 10:30).

 It’s much easier to forsake all when you have nothing than when one is in a state of abundant riches. Elisha gave us a profound example of how to leave behind ‘all’ to follow Elijah the son of nobody, whose father’s name was not even mentioned in the Bible (I Kings 17:1). When Elisha forsook the flourishing family farming business, little did he know that kings will later call him ‘father’ (II Kings 6:21). Similarly in Mark 10:28-30, Jesus assured his disciples of blessings here and abundance (hundredfold) in eternity for leaving all to follow Him. 

Whenever God wants to bless an individual, he sets the fellow up for the blessing. For example, when He wanted to bless Abraham, he asked him to sacrifice his only son – Isaac. At the end of the story, Abraham received what he did not bargain for in that Isaac was spared, and Abraham obtained an irrevocable covenant of blessings (Genesis 22:15-19). Also we cannot forget the encounter of the widow of Zarephath with Prophet Elijah in I Kings 17:10-16. Not enough became an unending fountain because she obeyed the Prophet’s instruction. 

This phenomenon is still at work today brethren. If we can trust the Jehovah Jireh to the point of not holding back from Him whenever He ask us to surrender our ‘little’ to Him, the principle will work for you in Jesus name. If God did not hold back His Son from dying for the sinful world, there’s absolutely nothing He will withhold from those who faithfully and genuinely serve Him. 

The question to attend to still remains: ‘what is that thing God is asking you to forsake in order to have all? Is it that bad habit, works of the flesh, the much cherished ‘Isaac’? The earlier you obey, the faster you’ll obtain your peace, sound health, fulfilment and eternal joy.  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU IN JESUS NAME. 

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