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“….write the vision, and make it plain upon tables…. (Hab. 2:2). 

Every worker must provide a candid answer to this question: ‘why should your employer hire your service next year? what will you bring to the table’? Any leader with no future vision is most likely to be exposed to high rate of labour turnover because no one wants to pitch his tent with an organisation void of future plan. This phenomenon is also true in the family parlance. 

As we race towards the end of the year and look forward to commence a new one, the secret to your relevance in the coming year lies in the type of vision you carry. 

I will be sharing with you few tools that will be helpful for a future leader with relevance as presented by Psalm 23. 

-Persuasion. (Verse 2a) You need the grace to convince followers to do things without forcing, coercing or threatening them. Inculcate the habit of persuading people and avoid speaking harshly at people as they will resist you at a stage and that will reduce the worth of your authority. 

-Vision. A true leader thinks and sees ahead to where refreshment is. As a leader, take people to places beyond what they can see (cast the vision). Have a plan and a focus for where you in partnership with the Holy Spirit want to take the organisation to. If you cannot see ahead, you will not be able to make progress in the right direction; and without a focus, family members, congregation and your workers may get frustrated and relevance will be lost. 

-Document the plan and break it down to simple and achievable steps. Never trust your brain to retain everything. Remember that things do happen that has the potential to gate-crash the original plan, but if you have the plan written down, you can easily go back and cross-check and re-route where required. 

Finally, partnership with the Holy Spirit will make you to be relevant to the future because He knows tomorrow. 

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