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“….that men ought always to pray, and not to faint (Luke 18:1). 

Every new promise from God calls for a new level of prayers. As Abraham continued in prayers, he prospered greatly and the land became too small to accommodate him and his nephew (Gen. 13:4-6). Rich people face many challenges in life because the greater your riches, the bigger your challenges of how to increase and manage it. Poor management of wealth can actually lead to the loss of everything you have. But when you turn to God, who is the source of all wisdom in the place of prayer, He will teach you what to do (James 1:5). 

Lack of wisdom in handling riches is the beginning of poverty. When you ask those who used to be rich how they relapsed into poverty, they will tell you that if they had been wise, their state wouldn’t have changed negatively. As your portfolio of wealth increases, you require commensurate wisdom from God to manage it. Let Him be your portfolio manager (Prov. 24:6). He gives advice on generous giving, tithing, offerings, doing well, sharing with others and investing in kingdom projects so as to lay up our treasures in heaven. 

Being an addicted kingdom treasurer is the key to ever increasing prosperity. When you manage the enlargement of your wealth well in adhering to kingdom principles, the challenges that others face in life will be strange to you. Abraham increased wealth got him closer to God in the place of prayer so as to earn the approach to manage subsequent blessings. Riches demand the attention of the heart, but the prayerful rich man cannot set his heart on them. Unfortunately, many have lost their place of prayers because of small wealth, thereby jeopardising pool of future enlargement that God has for them. 

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