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“Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you…..(John 15:16). 

Jesus Christ who had cursed a fig tree in Mk.11:14 for being unfruitful, gives the story of a well-nurtured fig tree which had nothing to show for the nourishment given by its owner in Lk 13:6-7. This fig tree failed to meet the expectations of the farmer who resolved to cut it down. 

Beloved, the Bible in I Cor 3:9 say that you are God’s husbandry. God is the farmer and you are the lively tree being nurtured since the day of your birth. Every investor expects gains. That you are alive to see this month is a pointer to the fact that you have received both physical and spiritual nourishment till date. The question is: are you nourished yet fruitless? 

We are in the last two months to the end of the year, what measurable support; gains and profits have you brought into heaven’s portfolio? Hmmn, time is going and suddenly it will soon be over! In case you weigh yourself and you are found wanting, you can still redeem and recover lost ground just as the Bible said in Matthew 3: 8 & 10 that: ‘bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance….’ 

There is a purpose for every opportunity given by the Lord. Discover it by checking with the Purpose builder and promptly key into its fulfilment. Don’t let the husbandman find a replacement for you because you were made for this season to accomplish so much for Him. Start to go extra mile with God and the reward is certainly sure. Do your bit!

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