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                                                               IS HE IN YOUR BOAT?


“And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee…..(Psalm 50:15) 

Life in a sense is like the sea. A common feature on a sea is storms of varying categories that can put lives of those sailing on it in jeopardy of being drowned. In the name of Jesus, the storms of life will not be able to drown you, your family and business. Storms of life are particularly directed to an individual by enemies of their souls in flesh or in the spirit realm.


Master over storms was in the boat with His disciples on a mission to cross over and heal the mad man in Gadara (Mk 4:37). The devil received an intelligence report about this mission and planned to thwart it, but he is never a match for our God. As you read this write up, the devil shall be too late to stop God’s plan for your life in Jesus name.


Know that as you sail on the sea of life to fulfil destiny, the devil and his allies are not happy because your success is also going to result in the blessing and deliverance of others.


The disciples got into an almost irredeemable trouble before they remembered that Jesus was in the same boat with them; and this is similar to reaction of many believers. Remember that: ‘for by strength shall no man prevail’ (I Samuel 2:9), therefore always notify the storm calmer, and the controller of Peace himself will speak to the wind behind the storm and there shall be calmness in Jesus name.


Stop looking for temporary measures all over the places, look up to Jesus and let Him take care of the storm. Believe me honestly, there shall be calmness and quietness in His name.

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