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“…………the people is one …nothing will be restrained from them…” (Genesis 11:6). 

The validity of this principle is universal. The output from two or more people in agreement outweighs what an individual will achieve. Where ever there’s discordant voices, progress if ever made, will be slow and if the ailment is not quickly treated, such assignment will abruptly experience its demise. 

The principle of breaking of rank has been successfully used by the agent of Satan from time immemorial and unfortunately, it is still one of his effective tools in our time. A family that stays together despite their differences will be stronger to execute projects successfully because of the power of synergy. Likewise a community, Church organization, Corporate outfits etc. What provides the confidence to launch a ‘take over’ bid by any organization is the power of ‘numbers’. 

When the rank is broken, the enemy is empowered to devour (Zechariah 13:7). The body of Christ (the militant Church) is not yet perfect but has been so much fractured in this dispensation than ever before and Satan is using this to his advantage. The time has come for every born again child of God to jettison religion and embrace salvation through the shed blood of Christ. A bunch of brooms sweep neater and faster than one finger of it. 

Even the Almighty God applied this principle of individualism to scatter the unity of the civil engineers and artisans in the building of the tower of Babel (Gen. 11:6). Here’s the clarion call:  ‘let peace, unity, spirit of give and take and forgiveness reign at home, the body of Christ, nations and business world; for in togetherness, a lot can be achieved.’ Next time when you make attempt to break the rank, ask yourself a candid question: is this move out of ego or truly from God?

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